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Skin Supplément Lotion

Tahitian Noni
Hydrates and softens while protecting skin with valuable antioxidants.

Noni Juice
Provides antioxidants and helps purify skin.

Palm Oil
Delivers vitamins A and E to skin.

Sweet Almond Oil
Moisturizes and conditions the skin, particularly dry areas.

Shea Butter
Provides rich moisture and protects skin against environmental irritations.

Coconut Oil
Helps protect the skin and adds light moisture

Skin Supplement Lotion
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Your skin is your body's first line of defense-make sure it receives the nourishment it deserves. This easily-absorbed lotion pampers your skin with noni seed oil, a singular ingredient found only in TAHITIAN NONI™ products. Your whole family will enjoy the neutral scent and incredible results. 200ml

How to Use

Apply daily or whenever your skin needs hydration and moisture. Skin Supplement is gentle enough for all skin types.