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TruAge Scanner Mini

The TruAge Scanner Mini replicates the accurate and simple AGE-measuring process of the TruAge Scanner, all while in a much smaller and more convenient package that you can take with you wherever you go. Paired with the TruAge Scanner Mini app on your Android or iOS device, it uses harmless UV light to quickly measure the amount of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in the skin, and then reveal the person's TruAge. It's a fantastic resource for building interest in TruAge products and teaching people about AGEs.

  • One-year warranty - automatic replacement, no repairs required
  • Extended two-year warranty - $150 at checkout
  • Upgrade price for owners of the original TruAge Scanner - $399 discount applied during checkout
TruAge Scanner Mini
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The TruAge Scanner Mini helps you build your Morinda business and promote a healthy lifestyle. Use your device to take TruAge measurements, track progress over time, and help others as you continue to follow up. The TruAge Scanner Mini is a new way to measure AGEs on the go, wherever you might be.


How to Use

To use the TruAge Scanner Mini you will need to download the companion app from iTunes or Google Play.  Use the links below to get the app and then follow the instructions in the app to use the app.




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