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TeMana Lips—for her

2017-10-17 | North American Sales Team
Winter is coming, are you ready? While you may enjoy the festive fall colors turning trees from green to a beautiful array of autumn splendor, your skin may not feel so great. The downturn of moisture dries your body from head to toe in the waning months of the year, making skincare a top priority. TeMana to the rescue.
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Coming soon from Morinda

2017-10-16 | Matt Hodge
There's never a dull moment here at Morinda! We've got some big things coming up on the horizon, including product launches, opportunities for free products, and even a surprise or two. Seriously, there's no way you can read the schedule below and not find something to feel excited about!
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Tune in to Morinda’s Friends and Family Facebook Live event

2017-10-13 | Matt Hodge
If Morinda offered a product for 20 percent off, you'd be excited, right? What about if Morinda offered two products for 20 percent off? Sure, two products would be great. But, we decided to just go ahead and offer 20 products for 20 percent off as part of our Friends and Family event!
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Premier Membership is a must for all Morinda customers

2017-10-03 | Matt Hodge
Premier Membership. That just sounds great, doesn't it? It sounds important. It sounds exclusive. And it's all these things and more! But let's talk about what specifically makes Morinda's Premier Membership so fantastic.
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Here’s how you can earn free product every month for one year!

2017-10-01 | Matt Hodge
How would getting a free product in November sound? How about also getting another free one in December? And how much better would it be if you also got something free the month after that, and the month after that ...
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Starting today, get 50 percent off a Noni Brightening Toner

2017-09-25 | Matt Hodge
Did you love our Defy Serum and Toner? While our Defy products have been discontinued, they live on in our luxurious TeMana products. That includes our Noni Brightening Serum and Toner, which have improved on the Defy formulas you loved.
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See TeMana in all its glory in these beautiful new Noni Brightening videos

2017-09-12 | Matt Hodge
TeMana brand Noni Brightening products are such a big deal, we just came out with 13 new TeMana videos! Yes, you read that correctly - 13 new videos. And you really owe it to yourself to watching them yourself before sharing them with others.
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TeMana Lips combines health with high-end beauty

2017-09-07 | Matt Hodge
Kiss dull lips goodbye; our new high-end TeMana Lips line is coming soon, complete with a variety of products and colors that will give you the ideal look for any occasion. And that's in addition to containing the earth's best ingredients for healthier lips.
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In need of soothing? Recover Rub is the product you’ve been looking for

2017-09-06 | Matt Hodge
It's the end of a long day, and you're tired and aching. All you want to do is relax and recover. Where do you turn to? Try turning to Morinda's new Recover Rub, and find sweet relief.
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Sugar Stop now blocks 20 percent more sugar absorption

2017-09-05 | Matt Hodge
It's not often that you see an already fantastic product improved, but that's exactly what we've done with Sugar Stop.
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