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Everywhere one looks, there's a lush jungle, brilliant sunset or crystalline body of water that captures the eyes.</p> <p><a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/shop/Lips"><img style="margin: 5px; float: right;" alt="TeMana Lips" height="500" width="500" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/4e/4eKASp8c22wgk8jJ8hjQ/New colors_500x500.jpg" /></a>Likewise, <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/shop/Lips">TeMana Lips</a> captures the eye with a variety of shades that range from head-turning bolds to beautiful neutrals. And now, we're adding new shades to go with the original five shades we launched with.</p> <p>Your lips will look luxurious with <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lipstick (Sunset Rose)" href="/en-us/shop/Lips/6192155">Sunset Rose</a> and <a target="_blank" title="Mahana Mauve" href="/en-us/shop/Lips/TeMana_Lipstick_Mahana_Mauve">Mahana Mauve</a>, our two newest shades. They're available now for our TeMana Lipstick, and will be available soon for our TeMana Liquid Lipstick and Lip Gloss.</p> <p>And don't forget, TeMana Lips is the only lip line featuring noni. So not only will your lips look sensational, but they'll be nourished, moisturized and soothed. </p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Get 50 percent off your choice of TeMana product this month!]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6176810/Get 50 percent off your choice of TeMana product this month!</link> <pubDate>Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/6U/6UUHGzftU4GMB4ag16GR/serum_event_Blog_th.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6176810/Get 50 percent off your choice of TeMana product this month!</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>The TeMana Noni Brightening Serum Event is not to be missed!</i></p> <p><a target="_blank" title="Noni Brightening Serum" href="/en-us/shop/Skin_Care/Temana_Noni_Brightening_Serum"><img alt="Noni Brightening Serum event" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/6U/6UUHGzftU4GMB4ag16GR/serum_event_Blog.jpg" /></a></p> <p>There isn't much better than getting rewarded for doing something you already wanted to do. Case in point: the TeMana Noni Brightening Serum Event.</p> <p>All you have to do is purchase a <a target="_blank" title="Noni Brightening Serum" href="/en-us/shop/Skin_Care/Temana_Noni_Brightening_Serum">Noni Brightening Serum</a> during June 16-30. And given how incredible the Noni Brightening Serum is, you were going to do that anyway, weren't you? After all, it contains a higher concentration of noni seed extract than any other product, and noni seed extract hold incredible moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties!</p> <p>Now, by purchasing a Noni Brightening Serum during June 16-30, you'll get any single <a target="_blank" title="Noni Brightening products" href="/en-us/shop/Skin_Care">Noni Brightening product</a> of your choice for <strong>half off</strong>! That's right, half price for another incredible Noni Brightening product. Empowered by noni, these products work wonders for your skin, and this deal will work wonders for your wallet.</p> How could you pass that up? ]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Show your dad he’s number one with our Morinda gift bundles]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6161456/Show your dad he’s number one with our Morinda gift bundles</link> <pubDate>Thu, 31 May 2018 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/xw/xwnmN07KczethbXjwG8B/fathers_day_blog_th.png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6161456/Show your dad he’s number one with our Morinda gift bundles</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Father's Day is almost here - do you know what you're getting your dad?</i></p> <p><i><a target="_blank" title="Father's Day gifts" href="/en-us/shop/6166504"><img alt="Father's Day gifts" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/xw/xwnmN07KczethbXjwG8B/fathers_day_blog.png" /></a></i></p> <p>Father's Day (June 17) may be approaching rapidly, but Morinda is once again here to help you find a great gift, whether you're shopping for your own father or the father of your children.</p> <p>During June 1-17, Morinda is offering <a target="_blank" title="Father's Day gifts" href="/en-us/shop/6166504">Father's Day bundles</a> that are fun and that also promote a healthy lifestyle.</p> <p>We know that many dads like to stay active, which is why we have gift bundles like our Muscle and Joint set. It includes a Joint Concentrate for supporting joint health and a Recover Rub to provide relief to his sore joints and muscles.</p> <p>Or, there's our Shake and Burn set. He'll get a 5-Day Burn for building lean muscle, and an accompanying shaker bottle. It's perfect for your macho dad!</p> <p>Now, does your dad love the hit the links? If so, he'll really appreciate our gift set for golfers, which includes Morinda-branded golf balls and a cooling towel.</p> <p>Or if you're looking for something a little more lighthearted, try out our Father's Day mug, or our colorful Morinda socks. We have something for every dad!</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Join our May 30 TeMana Lips Facebook Live event]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6162039/Join our May 30 TeMana Lips Facebook Live event</link> <pubDate>Fri, 25 May 2018 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/5B/5BzLlGmeKKJ8xAk1lzdv/TeMana Lips cover photo.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6162039/Join our May 30 TeMana Lips Facebook Live event</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Free giveaways, product demonstrations and beauty tips will make this Facebook Live event amazing</i></p> <p><i><a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/shop/Lips"><img alt="TeMana Lips" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/5B/5BzLlGmeKKJ8xAk1lzdv/TeMana Lips.jpg" /></a></i></p> <p>Want to get a close look at the beauty of Volcano Red, Deep Orchid, Peach Passion, Pink Pearl and Tahitian Tan? Tune in to Morinda's <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/shop/Lips">TeMana Lips</a> Facebook Live event Wednesday, May 30 at 11 a.m. (MST) to learn more about our newest products and a chance to win some for yourself!</p> <p>If you tune in, you'll get to see full-face makeovers using only the TeMana Liquid Lipstick. That's right - did you know you can use the Liquid Lipstick on your cheeks and eyes? We'll demonstrate it for you!</p> <p>Our experts will also walk through our other fantastic TeMana Lips products and offer giveaways. If you would like a chance to win a TeMana Lip Gloss, Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick of your choice (and really, why wouldn't you?), go to our <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips Facebook Live page" href="https://www.facebook.com/events/2397319743827822/">TeMana Lips Facebook Live page</a> and RSVP.</p> We look forward to having you there! Kisses! ]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Brighten your day with these reactions from our Tahiti vacation winners!]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6161951/Brighten your day with these reactions from our Tahiti vacation winners!</link> <pubDate>Mon, 21 May 2018 13:44:48 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/jb/jbHevJHw802anlYFGkET/25_Tahiti_009 thumbnail.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6161951/Brighten your day with these reactions from our Tahiti vacation winners!</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>We've got video reactions from all our Massive Outreach Campaign winners!</i></p> <p><img alt="Tahiti" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/jb/jbHevJHw802anlYFGkET/25_Tahiti_009.jpg" /></p> <p>As a result of our Massive Outreach Campaign in April, <a target="_blank" title="Announcing our Massive Outreach Campaign winners" href="/en-us/news/6153444/announcing-our-massive-outreach-campaign-winners">seven lucky individuals</a> from around the world have won a free trip for two to Tahiti. And of course, we didn't want to let their ecstatic reactions go to waste. So, when we told them the exciting news, we made sure to film their reactions.</p> <p>You can see all their reactions <a target="_blank" title="Tahiti vacation winners" href="https://www.facebook.com/Morinda/videos/1833076840131969/">here</a>. Is that fun or what?</p> <p>Congratulations to the winners, and enjoy the Discover Tahiti cruise this November!</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Announcing our Massive Outreach Campaign winners]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6153444/Announcing our Massive Outreach Campaign winners</link> <pubDate>Mon, 14 May 2018 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/wv/wvV2nG3UprOyJHYD4mKV/Greetings from Tahiti thumbnail.png" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6153444/Announcing our Massive Outreach Campaign winners</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Find out who will get a free trip for two to tropical Tahiti</i></p> <p><i><img alt="Tahiti" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/wv/wvV2nG3UprOyJHYD4mKV/Greetings from Tahiti.png" /></i></p> <p>In April, we issued a HUGE challenge to our IPC business partners throughout the world: share the story of <a target="_blank" title="Tahitian Noni Juice" href="/en-us/shop/Noni_Juice/Tahitian_Noni_Juice">Tahitian Noni Juice</a>, the noni tree and Morinda with 1,000 people during the month of April. This was part of our larger company goal: telling our story 10 million times in one month.</p> <p>And you know what? With your hard work, we <i>surpassed </i>that!</p> <p>With your help, the Tahitian Noni story was told more than 15 million times in April! We surpassed our goal by 50 percent, thanks to your diligent work in sharing our new "<a target="_blank" title="You've Always Wanted to Try It" href="/en-us/news/6074031/feast-your-eyes-on-our-new-tahitian-noni-juice-commercial">You've always wanted to try it</a>" video, conducting meetings, having face-to-face conversations, and utilizing social media. But that doesn't mean that we're done - far from it, actually. We now want to continue sharing our story so we can reach our new goal: 100 million shares in 2018. We know that you can achieve whatever you set out to do - otherwise, we wouldn't have set these ambitious goals.</p> <p>Now, as promised, those that reached 1,000 shares in April became eligible to win an all-expense-paid trip to tropical Tahiti. We have 14 winners (the following 7 people and their guest):</p> <ul class="unIndentedList"> <li> Piter Se, Indonesia</li> <li> Eunyoung Kim, Korea</li> <li> Mauricia Delgadillo Romero, Bolivia</li> <li> Ágoston Annamary, Romania</li> <li> Ai Wynn, United States</li> <li> Maki Miyata, Japan</li> <li> Nobumi Makino, Japan</li> </ul> <p>Congratulations to each and every one of these individuals! They will each get to take a guest with them as they are treated like royalty aboard our Discover Tahiti Cruise in November. Stay tuned for another update highlighting the live reactions from when they found out they're going to Tahiti.</p> <p>Now then, let's get out there are rack up 100 million shares in 2018! The world needs to know about Tahitian Noni!</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[NoniResearch.org provides a wealth of noni knowledge]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6153838/NoniResearch.org provides a wealth of noni knowledge</link> <pubDate>Fri, 11 May 2018 11:45:13 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/wp/wp5GmFIjuA6kUZnPeksR/Noni Fruit thumbnail.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6153838/NoniResearch.org provides a wealth of noni knowledge</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>This website compiles a great deal of noni studies, papers and facts into one place</i></p> <p><i><img alt="noni fruit" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/wp/wp5GmFIjuA6kUZnPeksR/Noni Fruit.jpg" /></i></p> <p>Looking for some in-depth scientific information on noni? <a target="_blank" title="Noni Research" href="http://noniresearch.org/">NoniResearch.org</a> is a fantastic resource to turn to, as it contains a wealth of data.</p> <p>The website has sections detailing the three key elements of noni: noni seeds, noni leaves and noni fruit. You'll be able to learn about the methods of harvesting and processing these, as well as their traditional uses. The site also provides a history of noni, teaching you about noni's history long before Morinda developed <a target="_blank" title="Tahitian Noni Juice" href="/en-us/shop/Noni_Juice/Tahitian_Noni_Juice">Tahitian Noni Juice</a>.</p> <p>What's more, the website contains summaries of many different clinical studies centered on noni throughout the years. And, it also provides links to various published papers and human studies that involve noni. You'll even be able to download a wide array of agricultural research involving noni.</p> <p>If you ever want to provide scientific validation of noni, or simply learn more yourself, NoniResearch.org is a valuable resource.</p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Morinda University gives partners the path to success]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6150068/Morinda University gives partners the path to success</link> <pubDate>Wed, 09 May 2018 10:50:26 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/0j/0jZYfHLjnQmxkryUXOVW/MUblog_thumb500.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6150068/Morinda University gives partners the path to success</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><img alt="Morinda University" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/0j/0jZYfHLjnQmxkryUXOVW/MUblog_cover.jpg" /></p> <p>Hear that sound? That's the sound of graduation bells. The Morinda University class of May, 2018, just completed their coursework, and now they're ready to go out into the world and share the goodness of Morinda and Tahitian Noni better than ever before.</p> <p>On a beautiful spring day in Atlanta, our eager students packed into a conference room at the Atlanta Hilton to learn more about Morinda, Tahitian Noni Juice, and the myriad tools that give every willing IPC the chance to achieve great success as a Morinda independent product consultant. Each session was buzzing with activity; questions, experiences and insights were plentiful.</p> <p>Our instructors, including Kelly Olsen, Shon Whitney, Jeff Johnson and others, came prepared with an expert curriculum that included the foundations of Morinda, the purpose of our company, the product development strategy, an in-depth look at the revolutionary Morinda compensation plan, social media training and much more.</p> <p>Students ranged in age, experience and background, but each had one purpose: To commit themselves to Morinda and become intimately acquainted with the history and resources of the company. Morinda selects the attendees of Morinda University, and even pays their way-flight, hotel, the whole nine yards-to remove all barriers to learning.</p> <p>Students were split into two groups. The foundations class, led by founder and chief marketing officer Kelly Olsen, delved into the finer points of Morinda's unique position and strategy in the business world, The advanced class was led primarily by VP of sales and marketing Shon Whitney along with Jeff Johnson and Claudio Aguiar, and they took a deep dive into technology, and how students could leverage Morinda's technology to enhance their business activity.</p> <p>Students came from half a dozen countries speaking many different languages, and each afternoon they were able to get hands-on, custom training from their country sales managers.</p> <p>Morinda University usually lasts about a week, and at the end of the event is a huge graduation party. In Atlanta, the graduation turned into a party. Our students were no doubt emboldened by the knowledge they had just received, and are surely deep into their post-graduate business plans as we speak.</p> <p>Morinda University is an incredible, in-depth training event, and there's no other event like it in the calendar year. No other event gives you the kind of hands-on, no-nonsense business training Morinda University does, and nowhere else will you get access to business experts in the Morinda corporate offices. Everyone who attends Morinda University loves Morinda University, and if they could they'd come back year after year.</p> <p>Are you interested in attending Morinda University? Give us a call at 1-800-445-2969, or send an email to your country manager. They would love to help you find your way to this all-expenses-paid training event. </p> <br />]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Get a taste of TeMana Lips with this video]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6149353/Get a taste of TeMana Lips with this video</link> <pubDate>Tue, 08 May 2018 13:35:21 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/Ni/NiVdVvo40h6798XWpCm9/TeMana_lips_blog_th.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6149353/Get a taste of TeMana Lips with this video</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>See the gorgeous shades of TeMana Lips for yourself</i></p> <p><i><a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/news/6140814/celebrate-the-launch-of-temana-lips-with-free-products"><img alt="TeMana Lips" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/Ni/NiVdVvo40h6798XWpCm9/temana_lips_blog.png" /></a></i></p> <p>There are countless lip lines out on the market, and <a target="_blank" title="TeMana Lips" href="/en-us/shop/Lips">TeMana Lips</a> is just yet another, right?</p> <p>Wrong.</p> <p>TeMana Lips is the only lip line that delivers the unrivaled skincare benefits of noni. And as it provides topical benefits, it also delivers vibrant color and beauty. Want to blend into a crowd? Don't use TeMana Lips.</p> <p>But if you want to stand out, you have five different products to choose from, as well as a variety of alluring shades (with more to come later this year).</p> <p>Is there any doubt that TeMana Lips is the lip line you've been waiting for? Watch the video below, and there won't be.</p> <br /> <style> .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .video-container iframe, .video-container object, .video-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } </style> <div class="video-container"><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/IE2-_V2Aj9I" frameborder="0"></iframe></div>]]></description> </item> <item> <title><![CDATA[Morinda events take you on a lifetime’s worth of global excursions]]></title> <link>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6147200/Morinda events take you on a lifetime’s worth of global excursions</link> <pubDate>Mon, 07 May 2018 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <media:thumbnail url="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/03/03KhY1j2JC2u4b7X5QvQ/Greece_500x500.jpg" width="140" height="90" ></media:thumbnail> <guid>https://www.morinda.com/en-us/news/6147200/Morinda events take you on a lifetime’s worth of global excursions</guid> <description><![CDATA[<p><i>Part of living a Morinda Life is traveling to exotic locations</i></p> <p><i><img alt="Greece" width="100%" src="https://www.morinda.com/filestores/03/03KhY1j2JC2u4b7X5QvQ/Greece_900x600.jpg" /></i></p> <p>One of the truly greatest benefits of taking part in the Morinda business opportunity is getting to see the world via attending Morinda Life events - just ask those that attended our Founders Circle at beautiful Waikiki Beach earlier this year!</p> <p>We roll out all the stops for our company events, which feature entertainment, incredible food, giveaways and much more. And a tropical Hawaiian paradise is just one of the many locales that Morinda Life events may take you.</p> <p>Take our 2018 lineup, for example. In June, we're holding our Discover the World Cruise, which will take passengers on a Mediterranean adventure to Italy, Malta and the Greek Isles. How do you top that? Well, perhaps with a trip to Japan for our Global Business Summit, or our Discover Tahiti Cruise, both of which are later this year. Imagine traveling to these faraway lands, sampling the local cuisine, seeing the unique architecture, visiting the historic landmarks, and getting a taste for what it's like to live in these corners of the world.</p> <p>And you can count on incredible destinations for our events every single year. In 2019, our Founders Circle event will once again take place in Hawaii, this time on the island of Maui. After that, pineapple gives way to the Big Apple. That's right, our Global Business Summit will be held in New York City, The City That Never Sleeps. And we're even revisiting Europe for another Discover the World Cruise, this time among the Nordic countries. How much would you love to see some stunning fjords up close?</p> <p>In addition, each year we feature various Regional Business Summits at exciting locations, depending on where you live. Those in North America, for example, got to feel like high rollers as they recently made their way to the neon glow of Las Vegas.</p> <p>You never know what incredible destination a Morinda event will take you to next. It's all part of living a Morinda Life.</p>]]></description> </item> </channel> </rss>