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Morinda Blog

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Morinda announces shipping price changes

2019-02-01 | Matt Hodge
Due to price increases announced by both UPS and the USPS, Morinda is issuing minor adjustments to its U.S. shipping prices, effective February 1.
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Japanese IPCs react to Leadership Circle

2019-01-31 | Matt Hodge
Some entered with doubts following Morinda's merger with New Age Beverages, while other were simply looking for how they could continue to grow their business. In the end, all left Morinda's Leadership Circle event in Maui feeling excited about the future and determined to continue to achieve new things.
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IPCs excited, bolstered by Leadership Circle announcements

2019-01-29 | Matt Hodge
When visiting paradise, usually that's all that one can focus on. But at Morinda's recent Leadership Circle in Maui, IPCs had much more than gorgeous beaches and festive luaus to enjoy.
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Morinda and New Age Beverages Corporation Chief Executive Officer Brent Willis Delivers Keynote Address at 2019 Leadership Circle Event

2019-01-28 | Morinda Communications
WAILEA, HAWAII-January 25, 2019-Brent Willis, CEO of Morinda and New Age Beverages Corporation (NASDAQ: NBEV), delivered an inspiring keynote address at Morinda's annual Leadership Circle event held in Maui, laying out his vision for the new year.
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Valentine’s Day gifts are on sale now

2019-01-25 | Matt Hodge
Buttercup. Cutie pie. Sugar bear. Snookums. Honey bunch. Love bug. Whatever you call your significant other, make sure to surprise them this Valentine’s Day with one of our Valentine’s gifts.
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Morinda’s overpowering advantage

2019-01-24 | Matt Hodge
Morinda isn't the only company to produce superfruit dietary supplements. Far from it, in fact. And Morinda isn't the only company to offer beauty products, not by a longshot. But, Morinda isn't like any other company - not even remotely.
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Morinda Honors: Week of January 19

2019-01-22 | Matt Hodge
A national TV appearance by Morinda's CEO, an IPC featured in a Thai magazine, and reactions to the Jackie Lee TeMana 14-Day Challenge are just some of the exciting things you can read about in this edition of Morinda Honors!
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Morinda CEO interviewed on Fox Business Network

2019-01-16 | Matt Hodge
Morinda and New Age Beverages Corporation CEO Brent Willis appeared on the Fox Business Network on January 16 to promote New Age's recently released line of CBD-infused drinks.
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Get swept up in this tidal wave of TeMana testimonials

2019-01-15 | Matt Hodge
Be careful not to get buried under this avalanche of TeMana testimonials!
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David Garcia hired as Morinda’s Regional General Manager of Latin America

2019-01-14 | Matt Hodge
Morinda is pleased to announce the hiring of David Garcia as Regional General Manager of Latin America. A former Morinda employee with a great deal of experience, David will be a big asset to the Latin America region.
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